GEV is a recently founded Company focused on facilitating Golden Visas to non-EU national investors. Our first and principal commitment is to improve our client’s life, giving them a personalized treatment, and contributing to the development of their businesses.

GEV was created based on the opportunity arisen from clients asking for the Golden Visa and Tax legislation, who required our services in new markets.

GEV is an independent consulting firm whose senior managers have proven track record on Golden Visa services in Spain, as well as expertise of more than 20 years in the real estate and financial areas, international consulting and capacity to give advice on investments.

Our team of multilingual professionals will give advice to our clients in different languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, English, Russian and French. For other languages, we will look for interpreters if necessary.

The team has the culture of developing a close working relationship with clients with the aim of offering valuable and continuous advice to clients.

Our main offices are in Madrid and Lisbon, but we also have offices in Barcelona, Ibiza and Luxembourg.

Golden Euroresidence VisasGEV Presentation

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