In GEV we work with the aim of creating value for our clients and contributing to the development of their businesses.

From the first contact with our clients our commitment will be to find the best investment according to their needs.

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Once the need is identified, we will work to improve the investment negotiating the best conditions and prices to get the maximum return in the future.

Afterwards, GEV will assist Clients in appointing a Fiscal representative, selecting a Legal Advisor and choosing a Bank and Health Insurance Company in order to get the Residence Permit as soon as possible.

Our Team will assist you with Hospitality services and advice Real Estate purchase as well as other Investments in Portugal.

Legal Requirements

In order to achieve the residence permit, it is necessary to choose between one of the following investments. Investments should be ensured, finalized and duly evidenced before the formal application for the Residency Permit by the foreign Investor.


    1. Purchase of Real Estate worth at least €500.000.
    2. Capital transfer to a Portuguese Bank in an amount equal or above € 1.000.000, including investment in the share capital of Portuguese companies.
    3. Creation of at least 10 jobs, which is to be fulfilled when there is proof of the register of the workers in the Portuguese Social Security System.
    4. Acquisition of Real Estate, whose construction has been completed for at least 30 years or located in an urban recovery area and carry out rehabilitation works of real estate acquired in the overall amount or € 350.000 of higher.
    5. Transfer of capital in the amount of no less than € 350.000, to be applied in research activities.
    6. Transfer of funds in the amount of no less than € 250.000, to be applied in the investment or supporting artistic production, recovery or maintenance of national cultural heritage.
    7. Transfer of funds in the amount of no less than € 500.000, for the purchase of a unit investment trust or venture capital geared to the capitalization of small and medium enterprises. However, this new regime/options are still pending for legal regulation, not allowing deeper details.

Documentation and Formal Requirements

  • Valid Passport and travel documents to prove presence in the Portuguese territory.
  • Updated property documents and registration evidence for ownership of property and  absence of encumbrances and documents proving the payment of the price and  payment of applicable taxes.
  • Proof of means of income (for the investor and family members).
  • Fiscal number in Portugal.
  • Proof of address at the home country (eg. Bank statement).
  • An account in a local bank that issues a statement to confirm the amounts transferred.
  • Valid health insurance for each person applying for the residency permit from a public or  private insurance Company authorized to operate in Portugal.
  • Criminal record certificate for the last year of the country of residence.
  • Absence of notice and/or alerts from countries with which Portugal have treaties.
  • Payment of the applicable fees for the issuance of the residence permit.


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  1. Suresh Namboothiri

    I own a small software company in India. I have many software, technical innovative ideas and capabilities. I would like to relocate to Portugal.
    I can give employment to 10 Portuguese citizen.

    However, please let me know when and where I can get more details of the steps that I need to take.

    Thanks in advance,

    Suresh Namboothiri

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