In GEV we work with the aim of creating value for our clients and contributing to the development of their businesses.

From the first contact with our clients our commitment will be to find the best investment according to their needs.

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Once the need is identified, we will work to improve the investment negotiating the best conditions and prices to get the maximum return in the future. Afterwards, GEV will manage the paperwork to get the Residence Permit: VISA application, procedures in the Consular office, drawing up the contract to purchase or sell the asset, securing the registration certificate (expended by Spanish Authorities) and due diligence, all of this to get your Residence Permit as soon as possible.

Our Legal advisor, with more than 20 years of expertise, will provide you and your family with full legal advice.

GEV will also provide you with tax advice for your investments and properties.

Legal Requirements

In order to achieve the residence permit, it is necesary to choose between one of the following investments. Investments should be ensured, finalized and duly evidence before the formal application for the Residency Permit by the foreign Investor.

Real Estate Investment

  • Acquisition of a real estate property in an amount equal or above to €500,000.
  • Acquisition of several real estate propertiesin an amount equal or above to €500,000.
  • Acquisition of one ore more properties as co-owner in an amount equal or above to €500,000.

Any kind of properties –residential or commercial– will be valid: apartments, houses, shops, hotels, and restaurants. Investment properties will also be valid.

Capital Investment

  • Transfer of funds equal or above to €1,000,000 into deposits in Spanish financial entities.
  • Investment of an amount equal or above to €2,000,000  in Spanish Public Debt Securities.
  • Investment of an amount equal or above to €1,000,000 in representative titles of share capital of Spanish companies.
  • Investment of an amount equal or above than €1.000.000 in Investment Funds, Close Investment Funds and Spanish Venture Capital Funds.

Business project of general interest

Presentation of a business project to be developed in Spain, which is considered to be “of general interest”, as so qualified by a favorable formal report issued by the territorially competent “Financial and Commercial Office” and which complies at least with one of the following requirements:

  • Creation of job positions.
  • Execution of an investment with relevant socieconomic impact in the geographic area where the investment will be made.
  • Relevant contribution for scientific and/or technologic innovation.

Documentation and Formal Requirements

  • Valid Passport and travelling documents to evidence presence in the Spanish territory.
  • Updated property documents and registration evidencing ownership of property and absence of encumbrances and documents evidencing the payment of the price and applicable taxes.
  • Proof of means of income (for the investor and family members).
  • Valid health insurance for each person applying for the residency permit from a public or private insurance Company authorized to operate in Spain.
  • Criminal record certificates both from the countries of residence (during the last 5 years) and from Spain.
  • Absence of notice and/or alerts from countries with which Spain has treaties.
  • Payment of the applicable fees for the issuing of the residence permit.
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