Customer Focus

customer focus

The first and principal commitment of GEV is to improve our client’s life. Also, our services will contribute to the development of their business.

This should entail, among others, the provision of special and differential treatment with our clients. We strive to provide superior customer service, which means value-added for the clients and against the competence.

We offer a complete service, adapted to your needs which no one more provide: when our clients contact us, we prepare all the administrative work to obtain the Residence Permit in Spain and Schengen area.

Our team has extensive experience in negotiating with Real Estate Agencies: We will get for you the best prices in properties or assets.


The business values of GEV are the qualities, norms and habits which support this Company and its employers.  These are the base of our job and how we make the job. They make us a different Company

  • valores corporativosTeam working: we have the benefit of counting on a great diversity of people who works together to reach the common succeed.
  • Quality service and customer satisfaction: The customer is the focus of the GEV business model: we want to understand their needs, provide innovative solutions, and build long-term relationships of trust.
  • Professional ethics and sustainability: In addition to strict compliance with laws, codes of conduct, and internal regulations, all GEV employees work with the utmost transparency and honesty, integrating the company commitment to economic, social, and environmental progress into their daily functions.
  • Leadership: Our purpose is leadership. Our highly-qualified staff focuses on customer service and achieving results.
  • Innovation: We are constantly looking for products and services that cover the changing needs of our customers which allow us to obtain higher returns than our competitors.
  • Dynamism: We take the initiative, with the agility to pinpoint and maximize business opportunities ahead of the competition, and the flexibility to adapt to changes in the market.
  • Strength: The prudent approach to risk management ensure our capacity for growth and the generation long-term value for our shareholders.
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